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As a real estate professional, are you doing everything you can to maximize your visibility on the web? Do you use social media platforms to provide your target market with information relevant to them? Chances are you’re not. Did you know that 79% of all Real Estate professionals do not use Social Media correctly and that an investment in this area could improve your sales by in excess of 145%?

However, remember you are not an expert at Social Media and nor should you be. Your expertise is in selling houses and we are the experts in social media. Our social media programs and marketing experts are based in Florida and we can build a social media marketing campaign to your budget and brand. Our social media campaign will focus on three main elements:

  • Showing local expertise – showing that you are the person to deal with when buying a house in a particular area, as you are the expert. We will take local insight in a raw form and craft it into posts, plus we will research on the local area and find information that they don’t know. It will portray you as professional and trustworthy and will involve lots of local news.
  • Real estate advice- offering nuggets of advice for buyers and sellers linking to other blogs and your own.
  • Selling Houses- posting images of available property, with a few words linking to your site.

If you are interested, contact us today for more information!