Team Leader Support

Team Leader Support Services

Are you connecting with agents in your local area and following up with your “mets” like you should?  Our services enable you to communicate consistently and professionally with your agents and recruits via email and social media all with little effort required on your part.

  1. We help you organize and manage your database of contacts.
  2. We custom-design email blasts and social media posts to target your agents and recruits, with endless possibilities.  You name it and we will create it.
  3. We distribute these communications pieces (upon your approval) via email, social media, or both – your choice!
  4. Need assistance in other areas?  Our team of experts can also help you with intranet posts, training calendar uploads, online event registration, and more.

Our custom designs help you stand out from the crowd, highlight achievements of your agents, and and express your unique value proposition. We can use your existing email and social media marketing platforms or set up and manage new ones. Speak with one of our consultants today and see which services are best suited to your business, and we will be happy to customize a package based specifically on your needs.