TL Database Support

Database servicesTeam Leader Database Management

Maintaining your database can be a very tedious and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be.  With our database services, simply forward us all requests for updates, additions, or removals from your database, and we will be sure to take the appropriate actions to complete the tasks.  We will work with your office staff to update the internal database frequently to ensure that all agents receive communications in a timely manner.  Additionally, we will upload your METs whenever you meet a new recruit.  Simply send us their name and email, and we will add them to your database, METs group, and 33-touch campaign.  Or of course, we’d be happy to follow a procedure of your choosing when databasing leads.

Some Team Leaders have other CRM, database, or lead generation services in place.  If this describes you, ask us about how we can help you better utilize and integrate those existing market center tools.

Speak with one of our consultants today and see which services are best suited to your business, and we will be happy to customize a package based specifically on your needs.


If you would like The 80 Percent Company to manage your database, please contact us for more information!